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Don’t Cry For Me


I like to sing. I’ve become quite good over the years, at least my captive audience of four can attest to that. And the songs are utterly random. Anything from “Who let the dogs out” to something from my childhood, or Justin B’s latest jingle that just begs for expression or is that suppression? And teatime is when the songs get sung as the dogs sit, albeit begrudgingly, waiting for their supper, while the cats continue to fight for world dominance, unmoved by my dulcet tones and infusion of Irish jig moves – once more from a long ago but not forgotten childhood. Continue reading

Thank You For My Life


When we lose an animal all the things we want to say suddenly go away with them. Anything we thought we once knew about life evaporates leaving no paw prints, only holes the size of cannonballs right through it were all the air gets sucked out of us, and the only thing we know is that we will never fully inhale again in the same way. And we miss them in a way that makes our teeth and our bones ache. There should be more than one word for love, because there are too many things we would do for it. In truth, we would die for it. We would die for them. Continue reading

Freedom To Grieve


That’s right. You heard me. It’s good. Listen, when you lose a companion animal, even when you get the initial diagnosis, the most responsible thing you can do is grieve. Everything else can wait. And if you are a friend of the “griever” learn how to stick around. And remember these simple guidelines. Continue reading