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Grieve and Move On.

Go into any dog park. Sit. Stay. What do you see? A dog’s default emotion – joy. Their simply strategy for joy – alignment. So what, if anything, moves them away from their connectedness to themselves, to their innate knowing of their own essence and origin? Can our domesticated beasts feel something other than their default emotion and if so why and how can we tell? Continue reading

Love and badly made lattes


It has been my experience that all pain and suffering comes from the illusion of separation (or a badly made latte) and this is absolutely what it feels like when a pet dies. Of course there is grief and it has a path it must take, but when we attune ourselves to the thread of love that flows through all things, that is eternal, then even as we watch our companion animal take its last breath and feel the wave of emotion that passes through us, should we not know that this is merely the disentanglement of the auric fields – a true feeling but not to be confused with loss or pain. Continue reading

My RSVP to the Universe – today.














I no longer have any patience for people, friends or family who choose to not see beyond the artificial pretense of yesterday’s news and media bullshit. I cannot entertain, try as hard as I do, people who do not have animals. I have zero patience for people who can’t make eye contact and maintain it for the duration of a conversation. Continue reading

The First Day Without Him


When Harleigh passed last year, Stella Blue and Skye weren’t even on the canine radar. Juno was the only one absorbing my pain, or at the very least trying to. That’s hard for an 8lb Chihuahua with advanced heart disease. But I didn’t know how to stop the conductivity of electrocuting sorrow being emitted from every fiber of my being then. I knew nothing of sorrow. I was a newbie at pain. That’s how it goes. Each sorrow builds on top of the other until one day we wake up and its part of our beingness. And it becomes our choice to be either hardened or softened by it.
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