I am an author, poet, animal lover, educator on end of life care for animals and their people, and  a vibrational cellular therapist specializing in grief relief.

I have been writing poetry and books for over 20 years now. It makes my heart happy when a person says “hey, I found your book at the right time and it really helped me” and I know I had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

My passion and love for animals moved me so much after my first animal loss, that I continued to gravitate towards the grieving pet parent, and have found myself honored to support them through my books, my non-profit work with various animal-hospice organizations and Paws Into Grace, with my work as Grief Support and Family Care Coordinator. I have been doing this work for over 10 years and I am still deeply touched by the vulnerability of every person who has shared a part of their story with me and to the animals that have let me in at every bend and turn in their journey towards transition and life eternal.

Some years ago I came across vibrational sound healing with tuning forks and was trained by Dr. Barbara Romanowska of Poland, who founded the Sound Academy and the Tune and Heal Method.  I love the method and also have a gift for it. It is one of the least-invasive methods of healing while also raising one’s vibration – allowing more room for the good in life to manifest in mind, body and spirit. The tuning forks are wonderful in assisting with grief relief. They help shift the dense energy of grief, while gently moving one along in a compassionate, intuitive and heart-centered way.

I plan to continue to share my gifts with people and animals for as long as I can.

From my heart to yours,