Any Other Option Than Love

healingwallUsually my blogs are not blogs, they’re essays. And usually they’re animal inspired and written while caffeinated. This is none of the above. This is what spirit downloaded to me yesterday while working out, after I asked Spirit how I could help another heal. As usual, I had an idea of the answer – “leave it the fuck alone.” Or as spirit gently puts it:

“It is the vision of him as that which he is not, which keeps him as that which he is not. Set him up high upon the throne as the Christ Son, the anointed one, and watch him rise to that level.

Reaching down to the vibration of the human experience to fix does not fix. It perpetuates that which is only temporary. Wishing to heal that which is illusionary, that which is only and forever in need of loving. It gives the opposite of truth a moment in time when it needs not one.

All beings are God in expression and God judges nothing and nobody. It is in unlearning that which we have learnt, that which does not serve us, that which blocks our heart from loving – that is the miracle. The miracle lies in the undoing – removing our blockages to love.

Healing already is. There is no wasted moment in God’s world. No mistakes. The only error to be corrected is that you believe you are something other than love and that life requires anything other than love and that you are here to do anything other than love.”