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When My Dogs Walk Me

I see people who walk dogs that appear to be in control of the walk. Now, that’s an unfamiliar concept to me.

I’ve tried over the years to direct them, suggest a route, drag them, holler and grimace and yes, curse a little, but suffice to say – they have a mind of their own and a nose that is far more powerful than my one hundred and ten pound frame. I am completely at their mercy and on most days my spaghetti arms can handle it, because my dogs bring me into their world and it’s the only one I ever want to be in, because it is filled with merriment, mischief, amazement and investigation of every sort. And that is food for my soul and my soul needs nourishment and hey let’s face it – I could do with a few more pounds.

Dogs are the creators of routine, mayhem and unconditional love – it’s the canine trifecta that cannot be found anyplace else. Yes, cats will insist they are apt to supply all three but with them it’s earned, with dogs, it’s a given. Dogs are my social lubricant. Without them, God only knows.

On some days the closest thing I get to spirituality is watching my dogs. (Sorry cats if you’re reading). It’s like if I was having a conversation with God, I’d have to say – you had me at dog. And we see dogs on our walks, it’s like they all belong to the one great dog that just split itself into millions of other dogs. God could not and did not invent anything better.

Got to be said, dogs are like air or land or water. You don’t own them, they pretty much own you and you’re grateful to be owned by them. So we get fourteen years or thereabouts of joy, then ridiculous sadness. Sadness, yes – I own that too and because I own it, I can also say goodbye to it – eventually, because dogs can’t drive and shelters are full. So may my dogs continue to walk me until the day I die, in the rhythm of fading sunsets and almost moons.

My Tuesday Miracle

You never know when a miracle is about to happen, but being open to it is definitely key. So what’s a miracle? A Course in Miracles says it’s a shift from fear based thinking to love based, and in that shift a space opens up for the miracle to occur. There’s a saying in the rooms of AA, “don’t leave until the miracle happens”. The miracle they speak of there is the removal of the obsession to drink. It too is a shift in consciousness, the space that opens up when we give our will and our lives over to something greater than ourselves and it is in that space that grand lives get lived.

Yesterday I was driving in some pretty atrocious weather. I could barely see in front of me. Fear and anxiety were getting a hold of me even though I was listening to an audio book talking about Christ, the Christ in us, Christ consciousness and all that good stuff. So knowing what I know and having the tools to use, I began to call upon the Christ within me, saying I give my fear over to you, I surrender this moment in time and offer it up. I also gave it over to the Holy Spirit, the Divine Comforter and I threw in Jesus, just for good measure. That dude is a First Responder, trust me.

Within a few minutes of praying a feeling of peace came over me, my grip loosed on the wheel and my body relaxed. The weather hadn’t changed. I was still driving carefully, but there had been a shift, even the energy in the car was different. Ok I thought, I can do this and at that precise moment a truck moved over into my lane in front of me, a flat bed truck with a life- sized letter in the back. It was the kind of letter one might see in a carnival, made of wrought iron with lights on it, tied down on both sides so it wouldn’t move, steady and secure even in the torrential weather. It took me mere seconds to see that the Holy Spirit had not only removed my fear, he had gone one step further and brought into manifestation a larger than life sign that would guide me all the way to my destination – and it did. There was no way I could miss it, despite the wind and rain and the steamy car. It was the letter C.

Now one might say, coincidence. Well you could say that, but I choose to believe Spirit was at the ready, heard my request and answered it immediately. It was a miracle because I had a shift from fear to love and it was tangible. I felt the shift inside and then I saw the manifestation of that shift instantaneously. Truth be told, I’m always open to signs. It’s an addiction. One I don’t need any twelve step program for.

The universe is intent on taking our blinders off in any way it can and revealing itself to us. I know when I change my thinking to love based, miracles abound. Things don’t necessarily turn out the way I think or expect but in truth they turn out perfectly. When I choose to trust the intelligence that keeps the planets in place rather than my own little designs, life opens up in ways I’d never expect with the infinite possibilities the universe can propose in any situation, even in the rain.

The Practicality of Love

As we look around the world it might be hard to consider that God is

If one starts the day with social media and ends it the same way, we can find a million reasons not to be happy and to lose sleep.  “I can’t be happy because of factory farming, or fires in Australia, or pet euthanasia, or people who run for congress, or one use plastics, or people smuggling, child abuse … and the list can go on ad infinitum.

And we cry out to a force outside ourselves and call it God, and when we don’t get an answer or a favorable response or a change in conditions, we say God doesn’t hear us, God doesn’t care.  Sure, look around you – is God even on the human scene? 

How do we connect with this invisible God self, this Source that can calm us and bring us to a state of peace, despite what is going on in the world outside? 

Many have turned to prayer, meditation, spiritual studies, yoga, rituals and daily practices; all with the same agenda – to bring more peace, by using who we are and what we have been so blessed with – life. 

Since the time of Cain and Able there have been troubles. There will always be troubles. It’s how we get through them that matters and discerning if they are even ours to worry about. How many pieces of ourselves can we extend to the imbalances of the world before there is only a shadow self left behind?

I have come to consider peace and God to be one and the same. If I am at peace then I am at one with God.  And long gone are the days whereby one might consider God to be some mad Dad in the sky. Call it what you may – Source, Oneness, Spirit, Unity, The Divine – is not some power outside ourselves. It is within, flowing through us out into the world to the degree that we are peaceful, loving and more compassionate beings, extending ourselves to all forms and all walks of life without judgment, without discrimination. 

The greatest, unharnessed power that has ever been and will ever be is love. We may find poor substitutions for it along the way, but it will remain when everything else we have tried fails. And it’s ok if it takes time, lifetimes even, for it is the only curriculum on offer and its not going anywhere. And when the troubles come to our front door, we will find it is only and ever an opportunity for more love, not less.

God is not in some future moment. God is now and we are the carriers that can either be infected with the love and the light of spirit or not, and yet everyone we meet shall be infected one way or the other.

Remember life is safe, living in joy is our birthright and extending forgiveness and love is our reason for living – not self preservation. This body serves it purpose well, but it is only the means whereby we can communicate while extending ourselves to another. The more impossible requests we put upon it, the harder and faster it will fall.

So what is healing? Healing is the dissolution of the notion that we were anything other than whole to begin with, that we are anything other than made in the image and likeness of The One – despite appearances. 

What happens to a room in darkness when the light goes on? Where does the dark go? Was it even there? Does this take work?  Yes – much work. Life is what we bring to it.

We are the final word, not some doctor, teacher, Guru, politician or theologian – we language our lives. We decide what makes it in and what we turn away. But the conundrum is – most of us have forgotten how powerful and how holy we truly are. We are mesmerized by the distractions of the world as opposed to seeking out the truth of the world within. Truth is timeless. It has no hash tag, no slogan, no likes, no social media platform. Truth is still and quiet, awaiting discovery by those willing to also be still and quiet, to go within – particularly in the middle of what appears to be the opposite of peace. Truth is personal and it comes wrapped in love.

And even though the cries of the ego might still be heard above the silent tug of love, telling us what it can only tell us – seek and never find, we must turn away, go within and tabernacle with the only source worth consulting, the wellspring of infinite wisdom and love. And in this communion we will find and know the truth and it will set us free.

My wish for you today and always is that you find peace, you open up to the truth of who you are and relax into God, trust in Universal Intelligence and place your future in the hands of Source. Abandon yourself to God, whatever you imagine God to be and allow a miracle touch you, and when it does, time will collapse and you will see what was there all along, hidden by the unreality of what you thought to be true. Miracles are our birthright. They are practical and they are to be expected. Miracles are what happens when we choose love and love is all there is.

It has to be said..

The Yogis say die to yourself everyday, this way when it comes time to die it won’t be so difficult because you will have been practicing bit by bit, day by day. Although it may sound potentially morbid, it can be actually quite liberating.

Our stories give measure to our lives. They make us who we are but when we start stripping away the story, what’s left?  Who are we without our story?

Over the years I have said goodbye to so many things, people and ideas of who I thought I was and where I thought my life was going.  And I thought I had grieved.  I really did. I work in the field so it would be automatic that I would be on top of my grieving. It turns out, I’m not.

When my Mother died, my beloved cat Fiona died, my Dad died soon after and another sweet cat Eli transitioned shortly afterwards. Our family home was sold and my sisters retreated further away from me for reasons only family can decipher. Regardless, I trudged on.

The person I was with my Mother died. The person I was with my Father died. The girl who lived in that house died. Pieces of me all over the world and no way to paste it all back together – so I fell apart and I’m still falling.  I’ll never get that girl back. She’s gone and what’s left is someone I am still trying to get to know. She’s gentle and kind, complex and deeply flawed, creative and introverted, wise and childlike, capable and trustworthy.  She’s a friend to a small few but it’s tight. She loves animals more than people at times, which is fine with her.  She remembers her life through words and stories and poems. She feels to a depth few dare to go, yet the beasts travel there with her and they stay.

I help people along their grieving journey. I hold space with them as they express their deepest sorrow and pain and I love them as though they were me, which in truth – they are.  Most people are going through loss of one kind of another and it’s always more severe than they let on. Trust me.

My Mum was the only one who understood me. She loved the tornado that I was, even though we went through many storms together. My Dad loved me in a different way that cemented me to the earth. My aunts held me in their hearts every day of their life. It all made me the person I was. I saw myself through them. Their vision of me gave me life and that vision died when they left this earth.

We don’t realize how critical it is to be seen. I’m a writer and I can tell you there is one thing more important to me than writing, and it’s being read.  

Dog Parks Are Not Just For Dogs

I live in Alpine and it has a lot going for it, wide opens spaces, good food and cheerful people who happen to love their animals as much as I do, but what it lacks is a dog park, at least one that is known.  I say that because when I moved here I started taking my dogs to an enclosed baseball field by a local church for their off leash runs.  I always knew how lucky we were so I made sure I was super diligent about picking up and leaving the park in a good state (gopher holes excluded). Continue reading

Love Heals All Things

I love helping people feel good. It lights me up like nothing else and I do in a million and one ways. One of those ways is through the power of affirmative prayer.

As I am particularly interested in helping people with their mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing, I love to read and study and am quite addicted to books which all lead me to believe this one particular truth – we are all connected. What that means in terms of being a practitioner is that I know my thought produces results. But it is not limited to practitioners, anyone can do this.

As there is but one mind, there are no private thoughts and one can therefore, with confidence, know that they can send a healing thought to anyone and they will receive it. We are receivers and transmitters in physical form. Strip that away and we are just vibration, energy waves of love, peace and joy – our truest nature.

We live in a society of much busyness, so it is hard to re-learn or think that our thoughts produce tangible results. Yes, going to see someone when they are not doing well is good, but sending a loving thought has instant ramifications, not only for the person it is going towards, but also for the sender, the world and everyone in it.

Our thoughts are the healing currency of the universe. This is not some fancy idealism; it has been studied, proven and practiced for eons.

With a loving thought two bodies become one. So sending a healing thought and loving intention to another is priceless. It is the balm that heals all things, changes all conditions and produces a new world.  The Kingdom is and has always been wrapped in the frequency of love.

And with that – I send my love to you.