Love Crosses Over

“Love Crosses Over”, is a collection of twelve short stories, which explore the theme of communication from the deceased, both people and pets. The stories stand alone yet also blend together, in the rich task of inviting readers to contemplate their own experiences as more than just coincidence. And in doing so, encourage them to trust their own intuitive powers, and tap into signs of life beyond the five senses – particularly during a time of loss.

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Manifesting Mongrel

“Manifesting Mongrel – The Summer of Our Content”, is a love story, sometimes through the eyes of a eight pound Chihuahua and other times through the eyes of his person, who despite the grief of losing his brother, promises to dedicate her life and particularly her summer to his care. And it is within this singular dedication that the author comes to understand that grief turned inside out is self-realization. “Manifesting Mongrel” shines a deeply introspective light on subjects such as animal hospice and end of life planning for our animal companions. Even as she bangs out esoteric musings and dark humor jabs at conventional and standard animal care, we are at the same time journeying with her into a deeper sense of her life’s purpose and spiritual awakening as the medicinal qualities of daily life brush up against her, infusing her private world with the unexpected healing found only when we let go of what we hold so dear. As the author ushers us inside her private world of supporting animal caregivers, we are silently aware of her hollows everywhere. They echo of a deep sadness that doesn’t promise to disappear but hopefully blend into the rich tapestry of her life, supporting her healing journey. And we the readers want to cheer her on because, we know on a level we cannot even begin to understand, the animal kingdom also awaits her return.

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All the Peace I Might Find, Or Not

An animal-induced joy ride into one woman’s search for peace and self-love, interwoven with contentment and longing, written with a genuine candor and a humorous edge. Once the parent of small dogs, the writer finds herself up-graded into the unknown territory of pit bulls and eviction notices due to her current big-dog-addiction. Cast out of the city she embraces what she fails to comprehend yet, as her first and last little dog Juno gets ready to say goodbye. Written with lyrical grace, spiritual searching and emotional stamina, we are pulled into her world never wanting to leave, unless of course, Liam Neeson comes on the scene. Then, all bets are off.

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To Be Loved

Loving a dog and being loved by one is not the same thing.One forces you to do nothing, the other forces you to be loved.

Due to the inability of the FDA to make the holy trinity of caffeine, the internet and an expansive heart an illegal combo, dog rescuer extraordinaire Lizzy Dolittle steps back out into the world of high-kill shelters and canine contraband.

Third in a series of books about her life with animals, the author finds herself doing what she has absolutely no business doing – acquiring yet another dog. And just when it looks like everything is going to work out, one second of carelessness changes the course of their lives forever.

She experiences through the loss of her beloved Skye, the acceptance of Momma Gaia and the welcoming of newcomer JJ that nothing stays the same, and that wisdom lies in letting go of what she thought life would look like and instead learning to love what is.

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Shedding Ailish

Ailish O’Hara escapes the Church, her family and ultimately Ireland with one objective – to forget. But no matter how far she runs or how deep she travels into the seductive world of pleasure seeking and defiant self-discovery, she cannot escape the theme of her childhood and the healing of family, who patiently await her return.Uncensored and deeply sensitive, Shedding Ailish is an unabashed and vulnerable coming of age story written with lyrical elegance and emotional candor. Ultimately it is a story of coming home.

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