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Love Heals All Things

I love helping people feel good. It lights me up like nothing else and I do in a million and one ways. One of those ways is through the power of affirmative prayer.

As I am particularly interested in helping people with their mental, spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing, I love to read and study and am quite addicted to books which all lead me to believe this one particular truth – we are all connected. What that means in terms of being a practitioner is that I know my thought produces results. But it is not limited to practitioners, anyone can do this.

As there is but one mind, there are no private thoughts and one can therefore, with confidence, know that they can send a healing thought to anyone and they will receive it. We are receivers and transmitters in physical form. Strip that away and we are just vibration, energy waves of love, peace and joy – our truest nature.

We live in a society of much busyness, so it is hard to re-learn or think that our thoughts produce tangible results. Yes, going to see someone when they are not doing well is good, but sending a loving thought has instant ramifications, not only for the person it is going towards, but also for the sender, the world and everyone in it.

Our thoughts are the healing currency of the universe. This is not some fancy idealism; it has been studied, proven and practiced for eons.

With a loving thought two bodies become one. So sending a healing thought and loving intention to another is priceless. It is the balm that heals all things, changes all conditions and produces a new world.  The Kingdom is and has always been wrapped in the frequency of love.

And with that – I send my love to you.


The Wisdom of Hurt ~ building a better world

The times we live in have so many people asking similar questions – how can I help build a better world? Answer: the only way you can – by being yourself. By finding out what you love, what moves your soul, and how you can allow that manifest in the world.

Without a doubt, the loss of my cat Fiona has been the toughest loss of my life. It was my first animal loss, the deepest fissure.  As a young adult my best friend Sinead passed suddenly. She got hit by an Irish bus on a wet day, on the unforgiving Dublin streets. I pushed that grief away for a century or more, until Fiona’s loss helped me deal with it.

I’ve said goodbye to both parents, friends, most of my aunts and uncles, even people that are no longer in my life. I’ve also mourned the person who I thought I was, welcoming in the person I am now. I’ve said goodbye to many more animals along the way. It’s just what happens when you love.

As I recovered from Fiona’s passing, I grew. I grew in ways I could never have understood before. And with that, I decided to help other people deal with pet loss. And that is what I have been doing for over a decade now. It’s taken many forms this quest, but as I say it is just different words to the same song – letting your light shine so other people may find their way home.

I had no idea as a young adult of the power that awaited me beyond the losses of life and that my vulnerability to suffering would be the doorway to healing and to life, and in that process becoming a better person for my community and ultimately myself.

~And this is the only way I know how to build a better world.