Dog Parks Are Not Just For Dogs

I live in Alpine and it has a lot going for it, wide opens spaces, good food and cheerful people who happen to love their animals as much as I do, but what it lacks is a dog park, at least one that is known.  I say that because when I moved here I started taking my dogs to an enclosed baseball field by a local church for their off leash runs.  I always knew how lucky we were so I made sure I was super diligent about picking up and leaving the park in a good state (gopher holes excluded).

Fast forward four years – I have met over a dozen friendly families who have begun using this park but with that came an increasing amount of clean up. And try as hard as I could, I could not keep up with picking up other people’s dog shit.  The other day we went to the park to find locks on all four gates.  That’s it – gone now.

I’m sad because my dogs needed the interaction, and so did I. Yes, we have Wright’s Field but that’s a hiking commitment with little social benefit, except of course, God’s glory, which is magnificent. But we need people. We need connection and working from home, I need it just as much as my dogs do.

Alpine is incomplete without a dog park and the other families who I saw walking around the lonely baseball field, with bewildered faces and disappointed dogs, I feel your loss.  I hope that Alpine finds the funds and the resources to give the two and four-legged creatures of this lovely place the space they need to run, play and bring people together.

So to Ruka and Sophie, Sadie and Kobe, Meathead and the many more that I cannot remember – we will miss you and if you find a place where the dogs can run free, please let us know!!