My Tuesday Miracle

You never know when a miracle is about to happen, but being open to it is definitely key. So what’s a miracle? A Course in Miracles says it’s a shift from fear based thinking to love based, and in that shift a space opens up for the miracle to occur. There’s a saying in the rooms of AA, “don’t leave until the miracle happens”. The miracle they speak of there is the removal of the obsession to drink. It too is a shift in consciousness, the space that opens up when we give our will and our lives over to something greater than ourselves and it is in that space that grand lives get lived.

Yesterday I was driving in some pretty atrocious weather. I could barely see in front of me. Fear and anxiety were getting a hold of me even though I was listening to an audio book talking about Christ, the Christ in us, Christ consciousness and all that good stuff. So knowing what I know and having the tools to use, I began to call upon the Christ within me, saying I give my fear over to you, I surrender this moment in time and offer it up. I also gave it over to the Holy Spirit, the Divine Comforter and I threw in Jesus, just for good measure. That dude is a First Responder, trust me.

Within a few minutes of praying a feeling of peace came over me, my grip loosed on the wheel and my body relaxed. The weather hadn’t changed. I was still driving carefully, but there had been a shift, even the energy in the car was different. Ok I thought, I can do this and at that precise moment a truck moved over into my lane in front of me, a flat bed truck with a life- sized letter in the back. It was the kind of letter one might see in a carnival, made of wrought iron with lights on it, tied down on both sides so it wouldn’t move, steady and secure even in the torrential weather. It took me mere seconds to see that the Holy Spirit had not only removed my fear, he had gone one step further and brought into manifestation a larger than life sign that would guide me all the way to my destination – and it did. There was no way I could miss it, despite the wind and rain and the steamy car. It was the letter C.

Now one might say, coincidence. Well you could say that, but I choose to believe Spirit was at the ready, heard my request and answered it immediately. It was a miracle because I had a shift from fear to love and it was tangible. I felt the shift inside and then I saw the manifestation of that shift instantaneously. Truth be told, I’m always open to signs. It’s an addiction. One I don’t need any twelve step program for.

The universe is intent on taking our blinders off in any way it can and revealing itself to us. I know when I change my thinking to love based, miracles abound. Things don’t necessarily turn out the way I think or expect but in truth they turn out perfectly. When I choose to trust the intelligence that keeps the planets in place rather than my own little designs, life opens up in ways I’d never expect with the infinite possibilities the universe can propose in any situation, even in the rain.