So What Exactly Is A Healing?


Anytime I sit down to write, I get up five minutes later to use the loo. Anytime I walk into a department store and smell perfume and make-up and start lathering my elbows and knees with the most ludicrously expensive facial cream (before being tossed out by one highly-painted Sephora-Geisha), I start frantically looking around for the restrooms and do a well-lubed slide towards them. Anytime I read poetry that either I have written or some other well-troubled Irish poet has, I feel a stirring, and last but not least, anytime I think about my morning latte and then suck it down, I am generally on the loo just to save time. I am also about convenience. Yet, this has become my baseline for happiness. Happiness = movement. Movement = happiness.

This year my only resolution (drastic word) was to find peace. I started a full-time job – caring what I thought about me, my life, my happiness and what exactly did that equate to. And as I was being dragged by my untrainable dogs into a field of scattering bunnies this morning, I could feel a sense of peace that unsurpassed the one I felt yesterday, even though my arms were being dislocated from their sockets. Everyday this feeling of peace becomes a greater part of my experience, which all good things grow from. Yet this peace has only come with the recognition that there is nothing I can do, acquire or be that will bring it any closer, make it stay any longer or coerce it into being anything other than itself. I realized it was me that must come to it.

A client asked recently, what is a healing? I said, whatever makes you feel at peace, whatever makes you feel whole, whatever allows you to be at peace with what is. So what is that thing that will give us that kind of lasting peace? I believe it is awareness.

It is far easier to follow one’s internal programming than to break through into new territory, but over time our programming robs us of our choice more and more, making it harder to see that we are the only ones that hold the keys to our own happiness and lasting peace. So where does our happiness lie? I believe it is found in doing what moves our soul. And if we find any excuse to not do it, we are just giving ourselves excuses and falling into victim consciousness. Breaking free of this cycle requires work, daily practice and a desire to be happy above all else. I believe the highest spiritual practice one can have is a commitment to happiness no matter what things look like. It takes courage and strength to deny conditions and know the truth above all else. Life is Good. You are Good. God is Good. You are Whole. You are Complete. You are All That and More.

A healing can be different things to different people. A dying person might find peace with the process, a person with cancer might find a new awareness about themselves and life but not a cure, and another might indeed find a cure for an illness. A healing is ultimately a feeling and that feeling is insight into life itself, the nature of our existence, the dropping away of old, automatic responses, and the acceptance of reality as being the path of least resistance – and all these responses are empowerment, all of them require us to stand in our power as the wonders that we are and say “what’s next? What do I wish to create now?” Because without this type of ownership of our lives and the effects we see before us, there is no peace that will stay. And that, like any good poop will be a thing of the past.

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