I know, I friggin’ hate that word too – resolution. It was just a teaser to get you here. And now that you are – I just have one question for you: When is the last time you took a deep breath? Some people believe “the word” came first. But something came before it – breath. Ischa however believes “meow” came first.


This is the year to give the finger to anything complicated. Deep teachings that can get us in spiritual knots doing the metaphysical hokey-pokey, don’t equal peace. So, why not try something free, easy and readily available?

Take a deep breath now. How do you feel? As you continuously return to your breath, you return to love and love is your highest vibration and in that high vibration you thrive. And it will feel familiar because that is who you are. So no matter what comes your way today, if you are still breathing when it is over – you’re grand. You might have thoughts about it, but you are not your thoughts. You might have feelings about it, but you are not your feelings.

So what if for today you focused just on deepening your breath and making your breath – in every situation – your best friend? Go for it and watch your nervous system unravel, your body relax, your consciousness expand and a feeling of safety permeate your awareness and body in all situations and yes, that does cover all office catastrophes, all calls from the pet/baby/Mother/Father-sitter, all clothing faux-pas, all commuter delays and all thoughts of impending world disasters. They are only as real as you breathe they are.

And if you are still in doubt, let me remind you that breath is the #1 anti-aging solution. With each deep inhale and exhale we remind the beast that is our body that it is safe and when we feel safe, we are present and when we are present – there is no time, only now. What more do you need? They make decaf you know.

The whole world is available to you but with a deep breath, you realize you are the whole world. You are what you have been looking for. You are your own realization. You are all that already. JC Penney was right – it’s all inside. And I will add – it’s all inside your own breath.