The Practicality of Love

As we look around the world it might be hard to consider that God is

If one starts the day with social media and ends it the same way, we can find a million reasons not to be happy and to lose sleep.  “I can’t be happy because of factory farming, or fires in Australia, or pet euthanasia, or people who run for congress, or one use plastics, or people smuggling, child abuse … and the list can go on ad infinitum.

And we cry out to a force outside ourselves and call it God, and when we don’t get an answer or a favorable response or a change in conditions, we say God doesn’t hear us, God doesn’t care.  Sure, look around you – is God even on the human scene? 

How do we connect with this invisible God self, this Source that can calm us and bring us to a state of peace, despite what is going on in the world outside? 

Many have turned to prayer, meditation, spiritual studies, yoga, rituals and daily practices; all with the same agenda – to bring more peace, by using who we are and what we have been so blessed with – life. 

Since the time of Cain and Able there have been troubles. There will always be troubles. It’s how we get through them that matters and discerning if they are even ours to worry about. How many pieces of ourselves can we extend to the imbalances of the world before there is only a shadow self left behind?

I have come to consider peace and God to be one and the same. If I am at peace then I am at one with God.  And long gone are the days whereby one might consider God to be some mad Dad in the sky. Call it what you may – Source, Oneness, Spirit, Unity, The Divine – is not some power outside ourselves. It is within, flowing through us out into the world to the degree that we are peaceful, loving and more compassionate beings, extending ourselves to all forms and all walks of life without judgment, without discrimination. 

The greatest, unharnessed power that has ever been and will ever be is love. We may find poor substitutions for it along the way, but it will remain when everything else we have tried fails. And it’s ok if it takes time, lifetimes even, for it is the only curriculum on offer and its not going anywhere. And when the troubles come to our front door, we will find it is only and ever an opportunity for more love, not less.

God is not in some future moment. God is now and we are the carriers that can either be infected with the love and the light of spirit or not, and yet everyone we meet shall be infected one way or the other.

Remember life is safe, living in joy is our birthright and extending forgiveness and love is our reason for living – not self preservation. This body serves it purpose well, but it is only the means whereby we can communicate while extending ourselves to another. The more impossible requests we put upon it, the harder and faster it will fall.

So what is healing? Healing is the dissolution of the notion that we were anything other than whole to begin with, that we are anything other than made in the image and likeness of The One – despite appearances. 

What happens to a room in darkness when the light goes on? Where does the dark go? Was it even there? Does this take work?  Yes – much work. Life is what we bring to it.

We are the final word, not some doctor, teacher, Guru, politician or theologian – we language our lives. We decide what makes it in and what we turn away. But the conundrum is – most of us have forgotten how powerful and how holy we truly are. We are mesmerized by the distractions of the world as opposed to seeking out the truth of the world within. Truth is timeless. It has no hash tag, no slogan, no likes, no social media platform. Truth is still and quiet, awaiting discovery by those willing to also be still and quiet, to go within – particularly in the middle of what appears to be the opposite of peace. Truth is personal and it comes wrapped in love.

And even though the cries of the ego might still be heard above the silent tug of love, telling us what it can only tell us – seek and never find, we must turn away, go within and tabernacle with the only source worth consulting, the wellspring of infinite wisdom and love. And in this communion we will find and know the truth and it will set us free.

My wish for you today and always is that you find peace, you open up to the truth of who you are and relax into God, trust in Universal Intelligence and place your future in the hands of Source. Abandon yourself to God, whatever you imagine God to be and allow a miracle touch you, and when it does, time will collapse and you will see what was there all along, hidden by the unreality of what you thought to be true. Miracles are our birthright. They are practical and they are to be expected. Miracles are what happens when we choose love and love is all there is.